Netherdown Company Policies

Data management

Netherdown is proud to commit to the new GDPR data regulations. We treat any and all client information with the utmost privacy. Your details are kept to enable us to better keep you informed and to ensure you are receiving the best possible service from us. Netherdown promises not to share your information with any third parties and, should you wish for us to remove our records of your details, we will resolve that immediately.


Environmental policy

We maintain a commitment to the protection and enrichment of the environment. Where able, all our materials are responsibly sourced from local, renewable suppliers. When planning our projects, we attempt to impact the existing environment as little as possible ensuring water drainage is unpolluted and that we do not obstruct flow, trees remain in place or are replanted on the site and that full environmental surveys take place before any construction starts. We uphold our promise to protect the nature of the greenbelt and ensure our builds are aesthetically pleasing. Our recent plans and projects have been complimented by the local council’s environment department who, on application, say that we have consistently increased the environmental beauty and provision on our sites from pre-construction to post.


After sale service

Upon completion of sale, we aim to continue our service. Our teams are on hand to perform any and all maintenance required should there be any issues with your new home. This is a part of our dedication to make sure we are handing over only the best in quality. This commitment entails Netherdown responding to any issues that arise as a result of the original build process only, although we are happy to discuss any other issues that arise following completion of sale.


Our community policy

Our work with local communities and our commitment to support local charities and activities is at the heart of our company. We regularly meet with those living close to our new homes to discuss our plans and the impact our construction will have. During planning meetings, we encourage members of the community to attend and consider any and all input to better create a harmonious relationship. We work with several charities, donating money or materials and supporting fundraisers. We also attend local events and enjoy keeping up to date with local communities.


Responsible sourcing

Where possible, we only use local suppliers who manage sustainable businesses. We strive to ensure that our materials are of the highest quality and responsibly sourced. Should we be unable to find the required materials locally, we use reliable and conscientious companies from further afield.